06 February 2019

A to Z of Distractions

Distractions can be a useful coping mechanism in a variety of situations from when you're in pain to when you're depressed. From when you're lonely to when you're anxious.

Below I've listed a few ideas, an A to Z, of distractions you might want to try next time you find yourself in need.

A: Alphabetise your CDs and/or DVDs.
B: Bake or cook something you love.
C: Cuddle a stuffed animal.
D: Draw a picture.
E: Eat your favourite snack/food.
F: Fold origami.
G: Give someone a hug.
H: Hang out with friends (either online or in person).
I: Invite someone over.
J: Join a club.
K: Knit something.
L: Listen to music.
M: Meditate.
N: Name 3+ things you like about yourself.
O: Organise your room.
P: Play a video game/board game.
Q: Quietly take some alone time to relax.
R: Read a book.
S: Snuggle up in a blanket.
T: Treat yourself to something nice.
U: Use positive affirmations (eg "I can do this").
V: Visit someone you care about.
W: Watch cute animal videos on YouTube.
X: eXpress yourself through art or writing.
Y: Yell into a pillow.
Z: Zzz- Take a nap.

I know that some of the ideas listed above may not be suitable for everyone for a variety of reasons. That's why I've tried to include a range of ideas to include something suitable for as many people as possible. I hope you find this list helpful ❤️

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