01 February 2019

My 'Good Deeds' For January 2019

You may remember my blog post from the start of January (my first blog post) about my New Year's Resolution to try and spread more happiness by completing at least one 'good deed' per month. Towards the end of the post I mentioned that at the end of each month I'd share all of the good deeds that I have completed along with any relevant pictures I have taken. Here is the summary of January's good deeds.

I'd say that I've made a good start on my New Year's Resolution by completing 3 good deeds this month. They are:

• I sent two pieces of happy mail. I decorated the inside of the cards with some stickers and added washi tape to the envelopes. I also added alphabet stickers onto the envelope of the second piece (I forgot to add them to the first).

• I donated to Samantha's Go Fund Me campaign. Samantha's an EDSer fundraising for life saving Neuro-Surgery to fuse her skull and spine.
(If you'd like to donate here's the link)

• I donated food to my local food bank. I donated; 2 tins of potatoes, 2 tins of carrots, 2 tins of peas, 2 tins of sweetcorn, 3 packets of biscuits, 1 bag of quick cook pasta, 1 bag of easy cook rice, 1 jar of hot chocolate, 1 jar of coffee, 1 box of teabags and 1 multipack of crisps. I brought the food from a local supermarket as we use everything we buy, then with my dad's help dropped the food off at the food bank.

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