13 March 2019

Cinema Trip (28th February)

On the 28th (February) me and my boyfriend Sam went to the new cinema in my local area. I don't get out of the house for 'fun' things very often and it'd been nearly 2 years since I last went to a cinema so this was really exciting for me (things most people take for granted you really learn to appreciate when you're chronically ill). We went to see The Lego Movie 2 as we'd both really enjoyed watching the first one when it came out on DVD and went for a Costa afterwards.

We booked our tickets in advance to save the hassle of finding a seat on the day (plus you get a discount when you book online which is always a bonus). When we arrived at the service counter a lady printed out our tickets after checking our booking details and asked us if we'd like anything else. We decided to get some nachos to share and a drink each. After serving our nachos she asked us if we'd like any help. Grateful for the offer we happily accepted. We placed the nachos on my lap whilst she filled up our drinks, then Sam pushed me through to the cinema screen and she carried our drinks.

Once inside the cinema we quickly realised that the seats we'd booked weren't wheelchair accessible. As the cinema was completely empty the lady offered to change our seats for us so I could still sit in one of the recliner seats whilst being next to my wheelchair (the new cinema is an Odeon Luxe so all of the seats are comfy recliners). Tickets changed, Sam helped me into my recliner and we got settled in ready for the movie.

The recliners were super comfortable and supported my neck so I was able to watch the movie with minimal discomfort (they were honestly the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in, almost as comfortable as my own bed once reclined!). The staff at the cinema were very friendly and helpful, they made me feel welcome  (not like I was an inconvenience like I've been treated at other places). Their assistance was very much appreciated and is something I haven't been offered before at other places I've visited.

After the movie we went to Costa for hot chocolate and a cake. I had a raspberry and white chocolate muffin (I'd never tried it before but really liked it, I felt so full afterwards though!) and Sam had a slice of chocolate cake. When we got back home I got straight into bed and soon fell asleep, sleeping for most of the night up until midday Friday. 

It was a tiring day and I definitely 'paid for it' (especially the food) but it was worth it as I had a wonderful time, made some happy memories and I'd love to do it again some time. I can easily say that this was one of the most (if not the most) enjoyable cinema experiences I've ever had; the combination of a fun movie, super comfy seats and wonderful staff made it a really enjoyable day. I'd definitely go back again!

Image from Google showing Odeon Luxe reclining seats (as mentioned in my post).

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