04 March 2019

My 'Good Deeds' For February 2019

At the start of January I shared a post about my New Year's Resolution to try and spread more happiness by completing at least one 'good deed' per month (if you haven't seen it already you check that out here). Towards the end of the post I mentioned that at the end of each month I'd share all of the good deeds I've completed along with any relevant pictures I've taken, so here's the summary of February's good deeds.

In January I managed to complete 3 good deeds, a good start to the year (to read more about those click here). This month (February) I only managed to complete 2 good deeds but taking into consideration that I've been really struggling with my mental and physical health the past few weeks I'm still pretty pleased.

My good deeds were:
• I donated to Alex's Facebook fundraiser. Alex has been in hospital for several months now and has been having a really tough time. This fundraiser was to raise money for living expenses, bills and general life expenses.
(If you'd like to donate here's the link).

• I donated books to spoonie book boxes. Spoonie book boxes is a wonderful project that sends free care packages containing books to anyone living with a chronic illness(es) or disability within the UK. The project relies on donations (of both money and books) to run. I sorted through my books and those that I didn't want anymore I donated. I donated 16 books.
(If you'd like to find out more about spoonie book boxes you can find the website here and Facebook page here).

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