05 June 2019

My 'Good Deeds' For May 2019

At the start of January I shared a post about my New Year's Resolution to try and spread more happiness by completing at least one 'good deed' per month (if you haven't seen it already you check that out here).

In January I managed to complete 3 good deeds. In FebruaryMarch and April I completed 2 good deeds. This past month (May) I also completed 2 good deeds. Here's the summary of the good deeds I completed in May.

• I donated to the mental health charity Mind:
The 13th to the 19th of May was mental health awareness week. In support of mental health awareness week I compiled a list of resources for various mental illnesses and situations where you might need extra support (if you haven't seen that post already you can check that out here) and made a donation to the mental health charity Mind.

Mind is an amazing charity that supports anyone with a mental health problem(s). They provide information, a phone and text help/info line, webchat, an email help/info line, local Mind services, a supportive online community (called Elefriends), training courses and campaign for change. They don't just provide support and information for those experiencing mental health problems, they're also there for a sufferers family members and loved ones. Mind has (and continues) to support so many people, last year alone Mind; answered almost 100,000 calls, supported over 425,000 people via their local Mind services and their information was accessed 12 million times.

You can...
- Visit Mind's website here.
- Visit Mind's online community here.
- Donate to Mind here.

• I held a fundraiser to raise money for the charity EDS UK:
The month of May is EDS awareness month. I thought what better way to both raise awareness of the condition and help raise some much needed funds for vital research than by holding my own fundraiser. The charity I chose was EDS UK, a charity very close to my heart as they're the only charity in the UK that supports sufferers with all types of EDS.

I called my fundraiser 'guess the name of the zebra'. It was similar to a guess the name of the bear fundraiser only you guess the name of a plush/cuddly zebra instead (I thought this was more fitting as zebras are the 'mascot' for EDS). I complied a list of 30 names (each beginning with the letter Z) for people to chose from. Priced at £1 per name I managed to raise £30 for EDS UK once all of the names were chosen.

You can... 
- See full details of my fundraiser here.
- Visit EDS UK's website here.
- Donate to EDS UK here.

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